Workers are resisting oppression in its many forms, from drug testing to “soft” union busting, strike retaliation, and lobbying against safety…

January 2023

A few new stories for you on labor and lies.

December 2022

Disabled Minnesotans and home care workers are struggling to receive and provide dignified care. Plus, two stories on government funding related to…
Check out our new reporter’s first story on art and propaganda in pandemic times.

November 2022

Check out our new story on what PPNCS United’s union victory means for the labor movement and reproductive rights and access.
"We’re gonna flip your grandma!" Nurses rally in downtown Minneapolis. Also, we have another new editor to announce and a survey for you to fill out.

October 2022

And a new look! Workday Minnesota is now Workday Magazine.

September 2022

Called heroes, treated like zeroes. Striketember continues.
Happy Striketember! We’re back with some labor news updates, including the nurses 10-day strike notice, state fair shenanigans, and more.

June 2022

Don’t worry! We’ll be back soon.
A week of labor actions to kick off the summer.
Summertime is coming, the weather is warming, and worker power is flowing.