Behavioral healthcare workers in Minneapolis are planning a ULP strike, Amazon is retaliating against its workers in Shakopee, the Building Trades rallied for jobs, and more.
A new program empowering workers in the Twin Cities is trying to hold the construction industry accountable.
Essential workers celebrate bonus pay, Amazon workers are speaking out, and a big wage theft case involves the Vikings owners. Also, some labor angles…
Lawmakers finally figured out bonus pay alongside unemployment insurance. Also: reflect on Workers Memorial Day, and meet the first union Starbucks in…
This planet is our home and workplace. Celebrating it means fighting for it and respecting it, too. It’s not just the backdrop for our stories–it is the…
Frontline workers pressure lawmakers to pass the bonus pay bill, an MOA Starbucks and Peace Coffee launch union drives, and more.
Workers at Blaze Pizza are celebrating a settlement over stolen wages and damages, plus historic Amazon union election news and #WorkShouldn’tHurtMN.
A few labor highlights and updates from this week.
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