The people VS. the boss

From the window washers striking for safety to the restaurant workers organizing against wage theft, workers are fighting to hold their employers accountable.

The high rise window cleaners that have been on strike for 10 days reached an agreement with their employer at 1 am this morning.

From Filiberto Nolasco Gomez’s reporting on the historic agreement for Workday Minnesota

“The last ten days were so beautiful and I’ll never forget the unity for the rest of my life. From my fellow window cleaners to people on the street honking horns and pumping their fists, the solidarity we experienced is something I’ll treasure forever. I’m so proud we stuck together and won our apprenticeship program and obtained fair raises,” said Eric Crone, a window cleaner and steward with SEIU Local 26. 

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Mr. Krabs, a prime example of a greedy, aloof boss.

Former restaurant workers from the Bartmann Group are celebrating a $230,000 settlement in back pay, overtime pay, and damages.

From my piece today on the press conference held yesterday with former restaurant workers and AG Ellison:

“We took that risk to organize together and fight for what we were owed,” said Naomi Hornstein. ”I feel really proud of that collective work that we’ve done. It showed me the power of organizing together, even in really, really dark times.”

When we fight, we win! We are each other’s harvest.