The loss of a labor leader

The labor movement is mourning the death of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

For Workday Minnesota, Filiberto Nolasco Gomez gathered the labor movement’s reactions to the news of the death of Richard Trumka.

A statement from Minnesota AFL-CIO President Bill McCarthy:

“Minnesota’s Labor Movement and working people across the nation lost a leader, an advocate, a friend, and a union brother today. A third generation Pennsylvania coal miner, Rich Trumka never forgot where he came from and devoted his life to improving the lives of all working Americans.

“During his time in office, President Trumka led the Labor Movement through some of the greatest challenges in our history and we’re all stronger thanks to his leadership.

“The thoughts and prayers of Minnesota’s Labor Movement are with President Trumka’s family, friends, and colleagues today. We mourn the passing of our leader and recommit ourselves to strengthening the Labor Movement that Rich Trumka loved so much.”

Just on July 27, Trumka talked to the Washington Journal about fighting for the PRO Act and workers rights:

“Corporations are too strong right now, and workers aren’t strong enough…the PRO ACT has been passed twice by the House, is supported by 65% of the public, Democrat, Republican, Independent. It would rebalance the scales so that workers could meet with their employer as a collective group and get better wages and better working conditions and better retirement. That’s sorely needed. When that happens, union membership will increase.”

Rest in peace.